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Wallet Gummed Square Banker Super White 120gsm 155 x 155mm No Opaque (Box 1000) Code C03155
Pocket Self-Seal C5 Manilla 115gsm 229 x 162mm (Box 500) Code ENVC5/8015
Essential C6 Ice White Peel & Seal Wallet Envelopes 114x162mm 120gsm (Pack 500) Code 21882
Gusset Pocket Peel & Seal C4 Manilla 120gsm 324 x 229mm With 25mm Gusset No Opaque (Box 125) Code GUS32422925M120
Wallet Self-Seal DL White 90gsm 110 x 220mm Blue Hatch Inner Opaque (Box 1000) Code ENVDL/10107
Wallet Self-Seal C5 White 90gsm 162 x 229mm Blue Hatch Inner Opaque (Box 500) Code ENVC5/5040
Pocket Self-Seal C5 White 90gsm 229 x 162mm Blue Hatch Inner Opaque  (Box 500) Code ENVC5/10460
Wallet Gummed 89 x 152mm Manilla 70gsm (Box 1000) Code ENV89152/1000
Wallet Peel & Seal C4 Super White 120gsm 324 x 229mm No Opaque (Box 250) Code C03C4PS
Gusset Pocket Peel & Seal C5 White 120gsm 229x162mm With 25mm Gusset Blue Opaque (Box 125) Code 6000
Essential DL Ice White Wove Peel & Seal Wallet Envelopes 110x220mm 120gsm (Pack 500) Code 31882
Wallet Self-Seal DL White 80gsm 110 x 220mm Blue Hatch Inner Opaque (Box 1000) Code ENVDL/1080
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